Design Values


NXT Motors defined 3 important criteria that customers judge important. These values are reflected in every customer contact.

We offer our customers a great EXPERIENCE whenever reaching out to NXT Motors, a partner or using one of our products.

We want our customers to have the same EXCITEMENT when driving our motorcycles as is running through the veins of our team developing, manufacturing or preparing them for delivery.

In any part of the organisation – production, logistics, or whatever else – we want to take care of the ENVIRONMENT and keep our company’s ecological footprint to a bare minimum.



NXT Motors is devoted to support the change in global mobility that is irreversibly shifting towards electric driving. Graphs and figures can prove anything, but there is nothing as convincing as trying our motorbikes yourself. EXPERIENCING an electric motorcycle converts one’s mindset rapidly.




An electric drive train makes torque available immediately! That results in a fabulous performance launching a shot of adrenaline. No loss of energy building up power through shifting up in the gears, but immediate power – from the motor to the road – the second you turn that throttle!




An electric drive train results in zero tailpipe emissions as it burns no fossil fuel. Electrically powered products are therefore the best sustainable alternative available to support the environment. Not only CO² emissions, but also noise emission is eliminated.